• ScadaPhone Alarm Dialer:

    ScadaPhone is a full-featured alarm dialer
    compatible with all versions of Windows and
    all SCADA servers supporting OPC, OLE or
    DDE communications.

ScadaPhone is a 32- bit application, and will run seamlessly under any 64-bit version of Windows without any special setup required:
Windows 8.1, 7, Vista SP2, XP SP3, Windows Server 2012 R2, 2008 R2 and 2003 R2


There are numerous products on the market today for reporting alarms from SCADA systems.

The criteria for selecting the right alarm dialer for your application can be complicated:

  • Cost   -vs-  Performance
  • Complexity   -vs-  Simplicity
  • Flexibility  -vs-  Usability

But one attribute that should never be compromised: Reliability.

After 15 years of ongoing evolution, with input from real-world challenges with real-world requirements, ScadaPhone has been honed into the most reliable, most powerful, and most flexible Windows based alarm dialer available.

ScadaPhone's multiple-reporting-device capability makes ScadaPhone inherently superior to alarm reporting software which relies solely upon one notification method: If one reporting method is unavailable due to a communications outage, having an alternative method for reporting alarms can be critically important.

ScadaPhone has all of the standard features you would expect from an alarm dialer:

  • Configurable connection to any SCADA server that supports OPC, DDE, or OLE communications.
  • Alarm announcement via voice audio over telephone, PC Soundcard or Voice Modem output.
  • Alarm announcement via text message over Cellular SMS, Email, or Alphanumeric Pager.
  • Unlimited number of alarms to monitor
  • Unlimited configurable contacts (i.e. Phone numbers or email addresses).
  • Scheduler configures actions is to be taken which contacts are available, and the hierarchy of contacts to be alerted when alarms occur.
  • Alarms segregated into an unlimited number of alarm groups, each group having independent contact sequence and availability list.
  • Multi-Level password protected security for an unlimited number of authorized users.
  • Microsoft Text To Speech interface support to automatically generate voice message WAV files.

In addition to the standard alarm dialer features, ScadaPhone has an impressive list of enhanced features:

ScadaPhone's ScadaLink can connect to any SCADA Software, which supports OPC, OLE or DDE communications, and retrieve the current values of alarm statuses and data points and allows bi-directional data-flow
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